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Copy / convert Toy Story DVD movies

Toy Story movies are considered as classic movies once they were released. The first Toy Story movie was released in 1999 while the third and the last one was released in 2009. At last, Woody and Buzz had accepted that their owner Andy would grow up someday. And what will happen next? Are you eager to make a DVD copy for the three Toy Story DVD movies? Let Any DVD Cloner Platinum help you make it in the easiest way.

How to copy Toy Story DVD with Any DVD Cloner Platinum?

For Any DVD Cloner Platinum users, please firstly download the latest version of Any DVD Cloner Platinum. Then you can begin to copy Toy Story DVD movies by the following steps:
1) Insert Toy Story DVD into to your DVD drive.
2) Insert a blank DVD to your DVD burner. (If you only have one burner, then skip to step 3, and just choose the same DVD drive to the Input one, then Any DVD Cloner Platinum will automatically choose your burner as the target.)
3) Choose a proper copy mode: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize or Clone.
4) Press "Start" to begin.

How to convert Toy Story DVD movies to videos for mobile devices?

1) Launch Any DVD Cloner Platinum and insert Toy Story DVD in to your DVD drive.
2) Go to "DVD Ripper" panel and choose your mobile device among the list. Please select "Normal" if your device is not an option in the list.
3) Make sure choose the supported video format by confirming in "Output Format". For example, if you want to convert Toy Story DVD to MP4 for your android smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy S4, then make sure "MP4" is selected in "Output Format". In other words, you also can change the output video format to MKV or M4V by clicking the drop-down button.
4) Generally, the longest title would be selected automatically at the beginning. Any DVD Cloner Plaitnum users can choose other titles for the ripping, too. Wanna rip certain chapters of one title? Click "Title Starts/Ends" nbutton and you will get what you need easily.

Note: Any DVD Cloner Platinum can decrypt DVD independently, don't run other decrypter when using Any DVD Cloner Platinum.
What Any DVD Cloner Platinum can complete for you for Toy Story DVDs as well as other protected DVD movies?
1) Decrypt DVD copy protections independently
2) Remove region codes completely
3) Copy DVD to DVD, compress DVD9 to DVD5
4) Convert DVD to MP4, M4V or MKV for mobile devices (iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display, Android smartphones and tablets, etc.) playback

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